Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Formic Acid

1. Product Name: Formic Acid
2. Chemical Formula: HCOOH
3. Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid
4. Specifications:
A) Formic Acid 85%Min
HCOOH 85%min
Fe(Fe3 ) 0.0005%max
Chloride(Cl-) 0.005%max
Sulphate(SO42-) 0.002%max
Residue 0.006%max
B)Formic Acid 90%Min
HCOOH 90%min
Fe(Fe3 ) 0.0001%max
Chloride(Cl-) 0.003%max
Sulphate(SO42-) 0.001%max
Residue 0.006%max
5. Packing: 30kgs、250kgs plastic drum,1mt IBC DRUM 20mts in the 20'FCL  ISO TANK or as your request
6. Application:
In medical industryit is used in making Amidopyrin, vitamin B and many other medcines. Formic Acid is used in producing methanamide, diethyl formamide, rubber age resister, dying, leather and so on. It is aslo an important material for pesticide such as Triazone. In other way Formic Acid is considerable used in green fodder storage.

the pharmaceutical industry: caffeine, dipyrone, aminopyrine vitamin B1, etc.;
2, the pesticide industry: triadimefon, triadimefon, paclobutrazol, insecticidal ether;
3, the chemical industry: dimethyl formamide, formamide, antioxidant, etc.;
4, the leather industry: leather tanning preparations;
5, printing and dyeing industry: the acidic dye;
6, the rubber industry: natural rubber flocculants;
7, the pickling of iron and steel industry: steel plate, steel and other steel products, etc.;
8, the paper industry: pulp preparation, etc.;
9, the food industry: food disinfection, preservation;
10, animal husbandry: ensilage preservation

 Formic Acid

Friday, July 5, 2013

Glacial acetic acid

Annual capacity of our glacial acetic acid is 350,000.the raw material is methanol.
we use a new technical process to produce: Methanol decomposition.
the most important characteristic of this way are as following:
mild oder; high quality--can reach 99.99%min; low cost--30% lower than oil decomposition and ethanol decomposition way. Other name:GAA,acetic acid,CH3COOH

Industry grade
Glacial acetid acid% ≥99.9
water content% ≤0.15
Acetaldehyde % ≤0.05
Formic acid% ≤0.06
Iron % ≤0.00004
Residue after evaporation% ≤0.01
Permanganate time≥30min
Food grade
Glacial acetid acid% ≥99.00
As % ≤0.0001
Freezing point ≥14.5C
Evaporates the resdual% ≤0.01
The heavy metal (as Pb counts) % ≤0.0002
POTASSIUM PERMANGANATE Experiment minute ≥0.15

we have 99.9%min glacial acetic acid,99.8%min glacial acetic acid,90%min glacial acetic acid,80%min glacial acetic acid or according to customer's special request.

20mts/IBC drum 20 drums in each 20ft container=20mts/20ft container
220kgs/HDPE drum 80 drums in each 20ft container=17.6mts/20ft container
30kgs/HDPE drum 785 drums in each 20ft container=23.55mts/20ft container
Usage: Widely used in textile industry, fiber industry, Pharmacia industry, pesticide industry, dyestuff industry, plastic industry our products are exported to countries all around the world such as :USA,Germany,
Turkey, Russia,Ukraine, Brazil, Chile, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, South Africa etc and
enjoy a good reputation in our customers.