Friday, July 5, 2013

Glacial acetic acid

Annual capacity of our glacial acetic acid is 350,000.the raw material is methanol.
we use a new technical process to produce: Methanol decomposition.
the most important characteristic of this way are as following:
mild oder; high quality--can reach 99.99%min; low cost--30% lower than oil decomposition and ethanol decomposition way. Other name:GAA,acetic acid,CH3COOH

Industry grade
Glacial acetid acid% ≥99.9
water content% ≤0.15
Acetaldehyde % ≤0.05
Formic acid% ≤0.06
Iron % ≤0.00004
Residue after evaporation% ≤0.01
Permanganate time≥30min
Food grade
Glacial acetid acid% ≥99.00
As % ≤0.0001
Freezing point ≥14.5C
Evaporates the resdual% ≤0.01
The heavy metal (as Pb counts) % ≤0.0002
POTASSIUM PERMANGANATE Experiment minute ≥0.15

we have 99.9%min glacial acetic acid,99.8%min glacial acetic acid,90%min glacial acetic acid,80%min glacial acetic acid or according to customer's special request.

20mts/IBC drum 20 drums in each 20ft container=20mts/20ft container
220kgs/HDPE drum 80 drums in each 20ft container=17.6mts/20ft container
30kgs/HDPE drum 785 drums in each 20ft container=23.55mts/20ft container
Usage: Widely used in textile industry, fiber industry, Pharmacia industry, pesticide industry, dyestuff industry, plastic industry our products are exported to countries all around the world such as :USA,Germany,
Turkey, Russia,Ukraine, Brazil, Chile, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, South Africa etc and
enjoy a good reputation in our customers.

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