Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Acetone In Our Life

Acetone can be used for preparing the organic glass monomer, bisphenol A, two acetone alcohol, glycol, methyl isobutyl ketone, methyl isobutyl carbinol, isophorone, isophorone, chloroform, iodoform and other important organic chemical raw materials. Acetone is regarded as an excellent solvent in the aspects of paint, acetate fiber spinning process and refining industry dewaxing.

Acetone is always with stimulation. In other words, acetone is a hazardous substances. We should pay more attention while using acetone. At first, you must wear a pair of rubber glove and antistatic clothing. If it is exceed the standard concentration in air, people must wear filtration mask or half mask. What’s more, people could not smoke in working site. Certainly you had better avoid to contact with the acetone again and again, and even for a long time.

Many people think it is difficult to make the water separate with the acetone. In fact, it could be come true. Now there is a permeable membrane that can separate them under room temperature completely. Of course, some people like to use salting out to achieve the goal. Acetone solubility in the saturated brine is smaller than in pure water. But it seems that waste of salt.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Use Epichlorohydrin More Carefully

Epichlorohydrin is an important kind of raw materials in organic synthesis and intermediates. It is applied to producing epoxy resin. And it also could be regarded as diluent for epoxy resin. In fact, making glycerol, nitroglycerin, glass steel, methacrylic acid glyceride, epichlorohydrin rubber, glycidyl derivatives, surface active agent and electrical insulation products all need epichlorohydrin.

Epichlorohydrin steam has a strong irritant to the respiratory tract. It will damage your lung, liver and kidney if you have been inhalation the epichlorohydrin steam for many times or long time. Certainly if there are epichlorohydrin with high concentration, it may make your central nervous system restrain and even lead to death. Don’t let the epichlorohydrin liquid contact with skin directly. That will burn your skin. During a long time, people inhalation of a small amount without any known. That is easy to cause neurasthenic syndrome and peripheral neuropathy.

If the epichlorohydrin has been leaked, you should evacuate the workers in contaminated area as soon as possible. And then bringing them to safety area. Don’t allow irrelevant personnel into the contaminated area. At the same time, cut off the fire source. What’s more, you can not contact with the leakage.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Malignant Tumor In Decoration

As we all known, we can not live in the house which has been decorated just now. Because there retention of some toxic substances. Formaldehyde is one of these toxic substances. Formaldehyde is a protoplasmic poison, it can bind with protein. After inhalation of formaldehyde with high concentrations, there will be serious stimulus to the respiratory tract and even cause edema, eye irritation, headache. Certainly it can also occur in bronchial asthma.

A variety of artificial plate use adhesives which may contain formaldehyde. Making new furniture, decorate walls and ground all need adhesives. Generally speaking, the place that use adhesives will always release of formaldehyde. Besides some chemical fiber carpet and paint contain amount of formaldehyde, too.

There are many harm to people’s health. The main harm of formaldehyde to health is stimulation to skin mucous membrane. If your skin contact with formaldehyde directly, it is easy to cause allergic dermatitis, pigmentation, and even cause necrosis. High concentrations of formaldehyde is also a genotoxic substance.
Formaldehyde is easy to soluble in water. Formaldehyde aqueous solution which contains the proportion of range from 35% to 40% is also called Faure Marin. Faure Marin has a bactericidal performance of anticorrosion. It could application to dipping biological specimen and disinfection to the seed.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Notes For Toluene Transport

Toluene could only transport by enterprises owned tanker on the railway. At the same time, they must apply to the relevant departments for approval. The transport vehicle which used for transporting toluene should be equipped with the varieties and number of fire fighting equipment and leakage emergency treatment equipment.

In summer days, we suggest people transport the toluene in the morning or evening. Groove which is used for transporting toluene had better set hole partition to reduce the shock and even let it not produce static electricity. Don’t mixed with oxidant or food chemicals. Toluene transit should prevent insolation, drench, anti high temperature. Keep far away from fire, heat source and the high temperature region. The shipment of vehicle exhaust pipe must be equipped with fire resistance device. Don’t handle them with machine equipment and tool which is easy to produce sparks. Driving according the prescribed route in the highway transportation, don’t stay in the residential areas and densely populated area.

Toluene is often storage in a cool and ventilated warehouse. It is usually kept far away from fire and heat resource. The room temperature can not be higher than 37℃ and the containers must be sealed.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

How To Storage Trichloroethylene

Trichloroethylene is a good solvent. It is always regarded as cleaning agent and extracting agent. Trichloroethylene is used as an anthelmintic drug for producing four vinyl chloride. But it is used for veterinary anthelmintics for producing hexachloroethane.

Trichloroethylene is storage in the warehouse which is shade and ventilation. At the same time, you should keep far away from fire and heat source. The room temperature can not higher than 25℃ and relative humidity can not more than 75%. Package of trichloroethylene is required to seal up and it could not contact with air. Trichloroethylene should be separate from oxidizing agent, reducing agent, alkali, metal powder and edible chemicals. Don’t put them together. There must be varieties kinds and number of fire fighting equipment.

Worker who operate the trichloroethylene should wear self filter mask and protecting glass, antivirus working clothes and anti chemical gloves. People would like to use explosion-proof ventilation systems and equipment in order to prevent the steam leakage in the air of workplace. Workers should pay more attention while carrying trichloroethylene to avoid damaging the packaging and containers. Sometimes the empty containers may remain harmful substances.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Application Of Good Dimethylformamide

Dimethylformamide is widely used as a chemical raw material and it is often regarded as a good solvent. In the process of synthetic fiber of wet spinning and polyurethane, dimethylformamide is necessary. In daily life, people is habit to use dimethylformamide to remove the paint. Some pigment who always has the characteristic of dye because that can dissolve pigment which with some low solubility.

Dimethylformamide can used as a gas absorbent in the petroleum chemical industry. Certainly it is also an important intermediate in organic reaction. Dimethylformamide can be used for the production of chlordimeform in pesticide industry. It can be used in to form many drugs in the pharmaceutical industry. Such as Iodine amine pyrimidine, iodine glycosides, antitumor ammonia acid, tranexamic acid, dexamethasone, megestrol acetate and chlorpheniramine sensitivity. It has catalysis in the reaction of hydrogenation, dehydrogenation, dehydration and dehydrohalogenation.

People must evacuate quickly to a safe area once leakage. Experts always suggest that emergency treatment staff wear self positive pressure respirator and protective clothing for firefighters. Of course, people could use sand or other non combustible material to absorption if there is a small amount of leakage.


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Cyclohexanone Manufacture Process

High concentrations of cyclohexanone vapors have narcotic which have inhibitory effect on central nervous system. At the same time, cyclohexanone having a stimulating effect to skin and mucous membrane.  As we known, there are three method to make cyclohexanone. They are phenol method, cyclohexane oxidation mehod and hydrogenation of benzene oxidation method.

Phenol method usually use nickel as catalyst. Adding hydrogenation to the phenol, we can get cyclohexanol. Then using the zinc as catalyst to move the hydrogenation, so that we can get cyclohexanone. Cyclohexane oxidation method is always regarded cyclohexane as material and after a series of treatment, we will get qualified products.

High concentrations of cyclohexanone poisoning will damage the blood vessel and cause cardiac muscle, lung, liver, spleen, kidney and brain lesions. Even it may cause large coagulation necrosis. Then absorbed by skin. Finally there will be tremors anesthesia, reduce temperature and until to death. Cyclohexanone is widely used for coating producing, synthetic resin dissolved and preparing paint stripping agent. It also could be regarded as penicillin, tetracycline production solvent. Cyclohexanone is an important chemical raw material for a wide range of application. It is mainly used as intermediate of caprolactam, adipate acid and its salt.  It has good dissolving capacity, little poison and relatively low price.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Methylene Chloride In Different Industries

Methylene chloride is widely used in many industries. It can not only used for chemical industry, but also applicated in pharmaceutical industry. Methylene chloride has the advantages of strong dissolving capacity and low toxicity. It is widely used for safety film and polycarbonate. It is also regarded as paint solvent, metal degreasing agent, aerosol sprays, polyurethane foaming agent, release agent, paint remover and correction fluid.

Methylene chloride is a colorless liquid. It can used as a reaction medium in pharmaceutical industry and also can make into oil dewaxing solvents, aerosol propellants and synthetic organic extractant. On the research of plant genetic, methylene chloride can used as solvent and mutagens.

In China, methylene chloride is mainly used for film production and medical field. Consumption of film production accounted for 50% of total consumption. Medical field only account for 20%. Cleaning agent and chemical industry consumption accounted for 20% of the total consumption. Generally speaking, methylene chloride is synthesis of chlorinated with methane. Methane chloride by chlorination can get a pile of mixture which has four kinds. Because of their boiling point distance is relatively large, people can separation and purification through ordinary fractionation technique.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Xylene Migration And Transformation

Xylene is mainly used in chemical industry. The industries who use xylene more are organic solvents and synthetic medicine. Such as paint, resins, dyes, detergents, detergent, pesticide, dynamite and so on. Xylene is also one of the components for aviation fuel.

Xylene can discharged into water bodies with the industrial wastewater in the process of industrial production. But there is no persistent pollution to water because that the xylene has strong fugacity in the water.

Generally speaking xylene will degrade in the environment. Xylene transfer speed is slower than the volatile speed in aqueous solution. The xylene will also be photolysis after volatile into the air. The photolysis process is the main migration and transformation process. The xylene harm is not badly than we imagine. The xylene incoming and metabolism to human body is very fast. However the xylene in the human body could excreted totally if it stop to contact with xylene in 18 hours. At the same time, it has no effect on human health. So not contacting or incoming the xylene will not affect human health unduly. Xylene is belong to moderate flammable items and xylene vapor is heavier than the air. So xylene often close to the ground and spread along the ground when burning.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Production Technology In Aniline Industry

Aniline is regarded as an organic intermediates. It is widely used in synthetic materials, rubber additives,dyes,pigments,pharmaceuticals and other organic chemical products. Recent years, with the demand of global polyurethane raw material MDI growth, it has become the main consumer areas of aniline. According to statistics, global aniline capacity has been reached 3.773 million t/a in 2004, annual output is 2.315 million tons and the apparent consumption was 2.24 million tons.

Aniline industry has began in 1857. Aniline industry adopt nitrobenzene iron reduction method. This method needs big equipment and also in serious corrosion, big iron consumption, serious pollution. Catalytic hydrogenation of nitrobenzene method instead of it until 1950s. At present, this method has accounted for 85% of the total capacity of aniline. Phenol ammoniation is occupied about 10% and iron powder reduction method is occupied about 5%.

Nitrobenzene iron reduction method is using intermittent production and reduction nitrobenzene into aniline through hydrochloric acid medium under about 100 ℃. There are many devices adopt this method in China because that method can  byproduct of iron oxide pigments. The rapid development of MDI and other downstream products brought hitherto unknown opportunities to the development of aniline industry. The experts recommended that small and medium sized enterprises must develop Adiabatic Nitration Technology with independent intellectual property rights, reduce energy consumption and cost in order to improve China’s aniline industry competitiveness in the international market.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hydrogen Peroxide Storage

Hydrogen peroxide is usually storage in a warehouse which is cool and  ventilated. The storage temperature can not exceed 30 degree and keep far away from fire and heat source. The container should keep seal up and separate it with flammable, reducing agent, active metal powder and others. Don’t mixed storage. The storage area should be provided with emergency treatment equipment and proper housing materials.

Workers who connect hydrogen peroxide must through specialized training and obey the operation rules strictly. Certainly operation must be in the environment with sealed and overall ventilation. We also suggest that  operator wear self suction filtration mask, polyethylene protective clothing and chloroprene rubber gloves.

Keep away from fire, heat source, flammable and combustible to prevent steam leakage in the air of workplace. Avoid hydrogen peroxide contact with reducing agent, active metal powder. You must move the hydrogen peroxide lightly in order to prevent damaging of packaging and containers. At the same time equipped with the appropriate variety and number of fire equipment and emergency treatment equipment. Empty containers may be left harmful substances.

Hydrogen peroxide has strong oxidation and usually be regard as  oxidizing agent. Hydrogen peroxide is used in medical, military and industrial. Disinfection often use medical hydrogen peroxide in daily life.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Gray Nail Treated By Acetic Acid

If you have got gray nail,you should manicure the bad one at first. It means that thickened parts repaired with a sharp knife, get rid of bad parts and retention of nail bed. Coating with glacial acetic acid after repaired. Do it for two to three times and last three to six months. You had better make the nail thin before coating. Certainly you should repair the bad nail in a week and try to keep a complete nail bed as far as possible. In generally, the treat last about three months and the nail will return to normal.
The high temperature and high humidity are important conditions for tinea disease. So the tinea disease in summer or rain weather is more easily to happen than in winter or dry weather. Of course, living environment of patient can not be ignored. Morbidity with good ventilation is more low than closed and stuffy wet. Personnel crowded place is also high incidence. So,vocational,trades have a great influence on the tinea disease. Especially in the high temperature and high humidity workshop with heavy work clothes. Morbidity will be improved greatly without any device for shower.
Certainly bad personal hygiene habits will lead to the tinea disease. People who connect with public baths and poor sanitation pool are more easy to get tinea disease. If you have fed cat, dog or any other pets, you should be more careful. Because it is more easier to get tinea on their body.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Acetic Acid Fermentation

Acetic acid fermentation is one kind of oxidation fermentation. It is a process that ethanol oxidation into acetic acid under the effect of acetic acid bacteria. Besides there are many kinds of microorganisms can also form acetic acid with various compounds through anaerobic activity. But it generally not called acetic acid fermentation.
Acetic acid bacteria is aerobic bacteria. Fermentation is making under aeration conditions and always with the temperature of the range from 25 to 30 centigrade. Acetic acid bacteria need amino acids and vitamins. So there must be adding yeast extract, koji and other organic matter with nitrogen containing to the fermentation liquid.
There are two types of brewing vinegar, they are solid fermentation and liquid fermentation. For example, for saccharification and alcohol fermentation with the original material of starch, finally making acetic acid fermentation. Solid state fermentation is traditional crafts. There are many kinds of microorganisms participate in and product flavor is good. Liquid fermentation is general for industrialized production. It uses pure culture of the fungus and with large output,lower cost, but the flavor is bad.
Vinegar as a life essential items has the important position in food flavoring. Acetic acid can inhibit the growth of spoilage bacteria. You can be kept vegetables fresh and not corruption with  vinegar pickled. Acetic acid can also be used as a medical disinfectant. Glacial acetic acid is an important raw material for chemical and pharmaceutical, widely used in printing and dyeing industry. Acetic acid are also widely used in textile industry, fiber industry, pesticide industry, dyestuff industry, plastic industry and others.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Using Acetic Acid Carefully

Acetic acid has corrosive. Its irritation has effect on steam eye and nose. So we should be more careful in using the acetic acid. If the skin contact with acetic acid. You should wash with water first, then use the soap to wash thoroughly. Certainly you should be careful when the acetic acid get into your eyes. Wash your eyes with water at first and then clean with dry cloth. If it is serious, you must go to the hospital immediately. In order to avoid these accident, you can wear protective glasses which with chemical safety in the working and wear rubber gloves. After working, you should take a shower and change your clothes. Don’t take the work clothes into the living area. When concentration in the air is exceed the standard, you should wear masks.
We have 99.9%min glacial acetic acid,99.8%min glacial acetic acid,90%min glacial acetic acid,80%min glacial acetic acid or according to the special requirement by customer. Annual capacity of our glacial acetic acid is 350,000. The raw material is methanol.If you swallow the acetic acid, you must be given an emetic and go to hospital. Likewise it is also dangerous to inhaled acetic acid vapor. Far away from the pollution areas to rest and keep warm at the same time.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Methanol Storage

Methanol is an important organic chemical raw materials, and it is widely used in many industry. It can produce formaldehyde, synthetic rubber, methyl chloride,acetic acid and a series of organic chemical products. It is also used for the synthesis of methanol protein.
Methanol consumption structure in our country is similar to foreign countries, and the largest the consumption field is formaldehyde production. The proportion of consumption is about 40%. The second is MTBE and acetic acid, the proportion is 6% and 7% respectively. However with the needing of protecting the environment and the world oil resources become increasingly scarce, the development of methanol fuel consumption become fast in recent year. It becomes one of the majority power of methanol demand. In addition,along with the two ether entered the civil gas market officially, the demand for methanol is expansion quickly. Now the methanol and  its downstream products is most likely to become the leading alternative products for the the beginning of the post petroleum Era.
Most suitable storage container to methanol is stainless steel containers and plastic tank. The plastic tank use pure polyethylene as raw material and it uses a special rotational molding process to molding the whole. The plastic tan has many advantages, such as no welding, no leakage, non-toxic, light weight, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, integrated and long life. Certainly, it also could store most inorganic acid, alkali, salt solution and most organic solvents, while can partly replace titanium, stainless steel, high nickel alloy steel and other materials. The production is meet the  storage and transportation of dangerous goods regulations and a ideal storage container for  methanol and reaction chemical corrosion, clean solution. Methanol in line with national health standards,can replace the stainless steel container to shipment.