Sunday, November 9, 2014

Notes For Toluene Transport

Toluene could only transport by enterprises owned tanker on the railway. At the same time, they must apply to the relevant departments for approval. The transport vehicle which used for transporting toluene should be equipped with the varieties and number of fire fighting equipment and leakage emergency treatment equipment.

In summer days, we suggest people transport the toluene in the morning or evening. Groove which is used for transporting toluene had better set hole partition to reduce the shock and even let it not produce static electricity. Don’t mixed with oxidant or food chemicals. Toluene transit should prevent insolation, drench, anti high temperature. Keep far away from fire, heat source and the high temperature region. The shipment of vehicle exhaust pipe must be equipped with fire resistance device. Don’t handle them with machine equipment and tool which is easy to produce sparks. Driving according the prescribed route in the highway transportation, don’t stay in the residential areas and densely populated area.

Toluene is often storage in a cool and ventilated warehouse. It is usually kept far away from fire and heat resource. The room temperature can not be higher than 37℃ and the containers must be sealed.

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