Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Acetone In Our Life

Acetone can be used for preparing the organic glass monomer, bisphenol A, two acetone alcohol, glycol, methyl isobutyl ketone, methyl isobutyl carbinol, isophorone, isophorone, chloroform, iodoform and other important organic chemical raw materials. Acetone is regarded as an excellent solvent in the aspects of paint, acetate fiber spinning process and refining industry dewaxing.

Acetone is always with stimulation. In other words, acetone is a hazardous substances. We should pay more attention while using acetone. At first, you must wear a pair of rubber glove and antistatic clothing. If it is exceed the standard concentration in air, people must wear filtration mask or half mask. What’s more, people could not smoke in working site. Certainly you had better avoid to contact with the acetone again and again, and even for a long time.

Many people think it is difficult to make the water separate with the acetone. In fact, it could be come true. Now there is a permeable membrane that can separate them under room temperature completely. Of course, some people like to use salting out to achieve the goal. Acetone solubility in the saturated brine is smaller than in pure water. But it seems that waste of salt.

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