Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Use Epichlorohydrin More Carefully

Epichlorohydrin is an important kind of raw materials in organic synthesis and intermediates. It is applied to producing epoxy resin. And it also could be regarded as diluent for epoxy resin. In fact, making glycerol, nitroglycerin, glass steel, methacrylic acid glyceride, epichlorohydrin rubber, glycidyl derivatives, surface active agent and electrical insulation products all need epichlorohydrin.

Epichlorohydrin steam has a strong irritant to the respiratory tract. It will damage your lung, liver and kidney if you have been inhalation the epichlorohydrin steam for many times or long time. Certainly if there are epichlorohydrin with high concentration, it may make your central nervous system restrain and even lead to death. Don’t let the epichlorohydrin liquid contact with skin directly. That will burn your skin. During a long time, people inhalation of a small amount without any known. That is easy to cause neurasthenic syndrome and peripheral neuropathy.

If the epichlorohydrin has been leaked, you should evacuate the workers in contaminated area as soon as possible. And then bringing them to safety area. Don’t allow irrelevant personnel into the contaminated area. At the same time, cut off the fire source. What’s more, you can not contact with the leakage.

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