Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hydrogen Peroxide Storage

Hydrogen peroxide is usually storage in a warehouse which is cool and  ventilated. The storage temperature can not exceed 30 degree and keep far away from fire and heat source. The container should keep seal up and separate it with flammable, reducing agent, active metal powder and others. Don’t mixed storage. The storage area should be provided with emergency treatment equipment and proper housing materials.

Workers who connect hydrogen peroxide must through specialized training and obey the operation rules strictly. Certainly operation must be in the environment with sealed and overall ventilation. We also suggest that  operator wear self suction filtration mask, polyethylene protective clothing and chloroprene rubber gloves.

Keep away from fire, heat source, flammable and combustible to prevent steam leakage in the air of workplace. Avoid hydrogen peroxide contact with reducing agent, active metal powder. You must move the hydrogen peroxide lightly in order to prevent damaging of packaging and containers. At the same time equipped with the appropriate variety and number of fire equipment and emergency treatment equipment. Empty containers may be left harmful substances.

Hydrogen peroxide has strong oxidation and usually be regard as  oxidizing agent. Hydrogen peroxide is used in medical, military and industrial. Disinfection often use medical hydrogen peroxide in daily life.

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